Kirsten McGarry

Physiotherapist I am an honours graduate Physiotherapist from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a member of the ISCP. I enjoy all aspects of Physiotherapy – the client centred nature of the profession, liaising with families and various professionals, the theory and continuous learning but most of all; the opportunity to positively influence a patients’ life. I have an interest in all areas of physiotherapy, although most recently I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the area of rehabilitation. Whilst many of my key achievements to date have been in sport, as a winter Olympian, I think the attributes required to achieve at a high level in sport are also invaluable in goal setting, planning, preparing, being flexible, working hard and achieving in any area of life. The Self-discipline and self-motivation I have developed & relied upon in sport have been useful in my four years at RCSI and I plan to use them as I build a strong career in physiotherapy. Working with a team of coaches, ski technicians, fellow athletes and physiotherapists, has allowed me to develop my communication and team-working skills. I have also gained leadership experience through coaching large groups of young athletes and through my Army Officer training. Personality-wise, I am a highly motivated, warm, caring, enthusiastic person, very conscientious and highly organised. I am committed to patient care, in terms primarily of physical but also social and emotional wellbeing. In terms of motivation, experience, ability, personality and qualifications, I would see myself as an excellent candidate for a full or part-time position.
Last Resume Update February 27, 2013
Address Heatherfield Lodge, 5 Barnhill Rd., Dalkey, Co.Dublin
Degree Bachelors Degree
Experience Less than 1 Year
Category Therapists
Phone Number +353 879178958
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Volunteer Employment:

Sept-Dec 2012 Physiotherapist National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dunlaoighre
Rehab interventions for individuals with SCI including; functional mobility and balance training, verticalisation including tilt table and erigo, PROM programmes, sensory stimulation, transfers, gait training including assistive, treadmill and robotic technology (Lokomat), the use of functional electrical stimulation and FES bike programmes.

27-29 Sept 2012 Physiotherapist – Dublin Marathon Dublin, Ireland
Pre race and injury advice, post-race injury assessment and treatment, general cool down stretching demonstration on a platform in the cool down area.

July-Aug 2012 Physiotherapy Assistant Enable Ireland, Sandymount, Co Dublin
Hydrotherapy and gross motor skills, planning sports sessions for all levels of disability, patient assessments - seating, gross motor function, gait and balance.

Jun-July 2012 Physiotherapy Assistant Dr. Grant Physiotherapy, Stillorgan, Co Dublin
Experience with musculoskeletal patients e.g. Sports injuries, back pain, knee and ankle injuries. Use of electrotherapy.

Clinical Experience:

Mar/Apr 2012 Women’s Health (5 Weeks) Galway University Hospital
In and out patient pre and post natal and gynaecological care including teaching classes. Assessment and Treatment including patient education, core musculature, exercise balls and belts.

Jan/Feb 2012 Neurology/Gerontology (5 Weeks) Kerry General Hospital
Assessing and treating patients on the ward and in the neuro gym. Organising joint MDT sessions. Treatments techniques such as; sensory rehabilitation, balance, standing, gait re-education, strengthening, tone modulation and teaching the use of a variety of gait aids/orthoses. Constant monitoring of physiological markers.

Oct/Nov 2011 Musculoskeletal Outpatients (6 Weeks) Cork University Hospital
Triage/assessment of patients, experience of sports injuries and rehabilitation of peripheral joint injuries. Making in-service presentations.

Apr/May 2011 Cardiac Rehabilitation/CCU (4 Weeks) Waterford Regional Hospital
Assessments, calculating MET’s, running training sessions and monitoring HR/Borg. Assessing and treating respiratory patients, using oxygen breathing techniques and adjuncts. Assisting with pulmonary rehab classes.

Feb/Mar 2011 A & E (4 Weeks) Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
Managing an out-patient caseload, including spinal, fracture and hand patients. Performing manual techniques. Auditing outcome measure use in the department.

Nov/Dec 2010 Care of the Elderly (5 Weeks) St Finbarrs Hospital, Waterford
Neurological and orthopaedic patients; full assessment and treatments such as strengthening and balance, discharge planning.

Apr/May 2010 Introductory Placement (3 weeks) Waterford Regional Hospital
Orthopaedic in-patients and Rehabilitation. Mobility and strengthening.


2008-2012 BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Co Dublin
2:1 Upper Second Class Honours

1997-2003 Leaving Certificate Rathdown School, Glenageary, Co Dublin
520 pts