Mawuli Lorlorwu Worlanyo

very determined and highly motivated person The job of a phlebotomist is essential in the structure of a holistic health care system and the prospect of playing this role at hospital, my main motivation for applying for this position. In addition to the above, l possess the skills needed for success in the field of phlebotomy, key among which include precision, understanding proper patient identification procedures, selecting venous access sites and understanding the order of draw for multiple tube phlebotomy. I believe in all the above being undertaken with accuracy and attention to detail. I am also keen to learn new techniques on the job and to acquire knowledge with the aim of improving my work output. In pursuit of further education, l have recently undertaken a refresher course in phlebotomy to be abreast with current trends. I am a firm believer in being proactive and I make it a personal resolve to follow through with all projects l begin to a logical conclusion. For example, on a typical phlebotomy job, l ensure that l take patient's vital signs, collect and handle blood specimen and label collection tubes. I can confidently say that one unique strength that makes me stand out is always conducting myself in a professional manner
Last Resume Update November 17, 2014
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