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For Employers: Our Doctor, Dentist, & Nursing Staffing Services

Doctor, Dentist, & Nursing Staffing in the UKAre you searching for qualified doctors, dentist, nurses, Allied Health Professionals (AHP), Health Science Staff (HSS), management, and other health care professionals to fill your vacancies?  Able Medical Staffing can help!

At Able Medical Staffing, we offer staffing services for all types of medical professionals for both NHS and private hospitals as well as all other types of medical facilities and practices.  Our doctor, dentist and nursing staffing services are available for positions located throughout the United Kingdom.  We will help take the time and hassle out of doctor, dentist, and nursing staffing for your hospital or practice as we bring you a variety of qualified candidates for any vacancy.

If you would like to work with us as your doctor, dentist, or nursing staffing company, please contact us directly at 01474 740 397.  You can also use our online Job Board to upload vacancies or search CV’s from potential job candidates.  To learn more about how the process works, please contact us today!

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How Our Doctor, Dentist, & Nursing Staffing Services Work

Find Doctors, Dentist, Nurses & Health Professionals for Vacancies with Able Medical StaffingWhen working with Able Medical Staffing for your staffing solution, you will benefit from access to many high calibre, qualified candidates.  After registering with us, you can view any eligible candidates in our database to find potential doctors, nurses, dentists, or other medical staff to fill your vacancies.  You will also submit each vacancy to us so that we can help locate potential candidates.  Finally, all vacancies are also published to our Job Board where candidates can freely search these positions.

Permanent & Locum Staffing for Doctors, Dentists, & Nurses

Whether you are looking for qualified professionals to quickly fill temporary vacancies or you need permanent placement, we are available to help.  As a leading dentist, doctor, and nursing staffing company, we have a database of experienced medical professionals in the UK who are actively looking for temporary and permanent positions.

  • Locum Staffing: If you need locum doctor or nursing staffing quickly to handle peaks in demand for either planned or unplanned absences, we can help.
  • Permanent Staffing: We also have a large database of qualified candidates searching for permanent positions and can find the candidates to best fit your needs.

International Dentist, Doctor, & Nursing Staffing

Our doctor, dentist, and nursing staffing services are available to both NHS hospitals and private hospitals as well as for other healthcare practices and facilities located throughout the UK.  Therefore, our database of candidates includes individuals from many different areas.  When working hospitals to find qualified candidates, we can consider not only local candidates, but also international candidates willing to relocate in order to find the best and most qualified candidates for your organization.

We offer staffing for areas that include:

  • England (London, South East, South West, Midlands, North East, & North West)
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Start Working with Us for Doctor, Dentist, & Nursing Staffing to Fill your Vacancies

To begin working with us at Able Medical Staffing or to learn more about how we can help you find qualified candidates for your vacancies, please contact us by phone at 01474 740 397 or register with us online.

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